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★Professional master MIDI keyboard with built-in USB.★61keys with initial touch 2×programmable pedal interface(pedal B).★Compatible with switch pedal and continuous pedal.They can be configured to152controllers,preset is soft pedal(PedalA)and sustain pedal(PedalB).★1×programmable slider,can be configured to 148 controllers,preset is master volume.★Pitch Bend wheel and Modulation Wheel(Wheel1 and Wheel2), can be configured to 148 controllers.★2×Programmable data button(Data+/-),can be configured to160 controllers.★1×Edit button,switch multi-function keyboard status.★1×Switch button,switch between knob function groups.★4×Programmable dial,two groups of function(A1~A4andB1~B4),the midi channel of each dial can be configured independently.they can be configured to...
*49 notes keyboard with velocity(Can be edited by WORLDE KS49C control editor) *1 x Assignable Pedal Interface(Can be edited by WORLDE KS49C control editor) *1 x Master Volume Slider. (Can be edited by WORLDE KS9C control editor) *1 x MIDI OUT *USB interface, adaptable to USB 2.0(FULL SPEED). Power supplied by USB. *Possible for future upgrading via USB *With the holder for iPad(can be installed or disassembledfreely) *With unique WORLDE KS49C control editor. *compatible with Win XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and Mac OSX. Drive free and hot-plug supported
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