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Listing Date: 2016-04-25

★Strong multifunctional LCD system with large-screen display in many languages, which makes selecting and editing parameters much easier.
★348 voices, including 128GM voices and 25 Chinese folk instruments.
★100 popular accompaniment styles. Each style has it's own intro & main(A, B), variation and ending.
★24 styles & 48 voices for rapid choice.
★9 percussion groups, a Special effect group, including a group of Chinese traditional percussion instrument.
★Great combination with direct selection and digital search.
★Graceful piano shape design and soft LCD backlight make the piano more luxurious.
★Be able to create digital effects like reverberation, chorus and 3D stereo with various diversification.
★22 demo songs, making great contribution to lifting your performance level.
★Be able to record at most 5 user songs, and they could be played repeatedly.
★Panel registeration function could save your beloved panel settings and each setting can be recalled whenever you want.
★MIDI function enables your keyboard connect to any other standard MIDI devices.
● 61 standard touch response keys
● 348 PCM voices
● max polyphony: 64
● the keyboard percussive:1~9
● 100 styles
● 22 demo songs and 5 user songs
Record track:
● 5 melody tracks and 1 chord track

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