Product name P-88 PRO
Release time 2020-06-09
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Product name:

P-88 PRO

Listing Date: 2020-06-09

●Professional master MIDI keyboard with brushed aluminum panel.

●88Xsemi-weighted keys with aftertouch.

●16Xhigh quality velocity& pressure sensitive performance pads with RGB backlit, can be assigned easily.

●8XAssignable encoders, each encoder can be edited by user.

●8XAssignable sliders, each encoder can be edited by user.

●6XButtons for MMC.

●20XFunction buttons, providing functions like PROGRAM CHANGE, CHANNEL,CONTROL ASSIGN, TRANSPOSE, OCTAVE, EDIT and etc.

●2XTouch sensors of dynamic pitch bend and modulation touch strips.


●2XAssignable pedal interfaces(Pedal A, Pedal B),compatible with switch pedal and continuous pedal,which can be configured to130 controllers.

●USB interface, adaptable to USB 2.0(FULL SPEED).

●Power supplied by USB and DC 5V.

●Compatible with WinXP/7/8/10/Vista and Mac OSX.

●Drive free and hot-plug supported.

(The specifications are subject to change without notice.)

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