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★A foot-switchable function for both CASIO and YAMAHA-typed electronic keyboard instruments.★The polarity of the switching signal can be set by a mini slip switch.★High quality,proper size,with cable of 2m.
Pure Brass PedalPiano finish shellPolar adjustable switchStandard 6.35mm plug
With the help of computer internet technology, this system helps teachers to teach 24 students at the same time(it can link extending to 48 students). Thus, the system created a multimedia teaching method which combines vision, hearing and touching and provide students a chance to learn basic music knowlegde, learn world famous artists and melody,get to know the music developement and main streams, and appreciate all kinds of musical instruments in a relaxing environment. The system takes advantage of the advanced scientific technology, improving the students’ ability to get imformation, enable them to try various new ways and methods to solve problems, and greatly inluence the developement of innovative thinking. Besides that, the system provide the most efficient way to improve the stude...
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