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Keyboard: ●61-key standard touch response keyboard Voice: ● Keyboard: 164 voices ● the maximum coinstantaneous voice: 64 ● the keyboard percussive:1~9 group ● sound effect:1 group ● volume:00~127 ● octachord:-2~2 ● phasic:-7~7 ● keyboard split: left hand and right hand voice ● harmony and resonance:10 styles ● DSP reverb styles:8 styles ● DSP chorus styles:8 styles ● The DSP reverb and chorus sending level:00~127 ● The DSP reverb and chorus return level:00~127 Accompaniment: ● Keyboard: 80 styles ● Normal play, keyboard split, single finger chord and fingered chord Function: ● Demo, Voice, Rhythm, Rhythm volume, Touch, Regist Memory, Bank, Record, Reverb, Sustain, Touch, Pitch band, X.Pose, Tune, Metronome, Arabic Scale Display: ● 122*50mm large LCD screen with multi-function MIDI function...
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